Hawaii’s StonePeak® Specialists


Plane Panels

Introducing the ®StonePeak Plane collection:  The next generation of panels.

stonepeak-plane-calacatta-vena-classico-bath-2From classic to contemporary, these lightweight and durable American-made panels are available in five modular sizes up to 5’x10′ and  provide the aesthetic beauty of a natural slab of quarried stone for a fresh new look of seamless splendor.

Plane panels are ideal for floors, walls, counter tops, veneers, and much more.  Scratch, stain, crack, flame and mold resistance makes these panels ideal for both interior and exterior uses.


Choose from 15 beautiful colors in panels up to 5’x10’.

Personally trained and certified at the ®StonePeak Plane University, our staff is ready to turn your visions into reality.